Earl Grey Milk Tea

Being just one of the most popular teas worldwide this black leaf-based tea otherwise referred to as earl grey tea personifies quite an unique flavor experience than your typical black tea. The earl grey tea is instilled with oils from the bergamot orange, providing the earl grey tea a flavor account that is subtle yet consisting of fragile tips of citrus such as orange as well as also lemon.
Having a citrus aspect in this tea enables an unique experience for your taste buds. With every sip, it includes an acidic bite that is extremely rewarding. It additionally leaves an after preference of citrus that makes you desire more and more!

Earl Grey Milk Tea Recipe

For this full dish, we’ll be revealing you how to take earl grey tea and make it into a wonderful milk tea. With hints of vanilla and the creaminess of our favorite almond milk, this recipe is absolutely a must-try, especially throughout the vacations. Instead of having warm milk as well as cookies during the vacations, have some tasty earl grey milk tea and bubble waffles!
Anyways, allow’s dive into the full recipe guide on how to make earl grey milk tea and also taste it for ourselves!


  • earl grey tea leaves
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Touch of cinnamon (optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk

Earl Grey Milk Tea

How to Make Earl Grey Milk Tea

Step 1
This dish does not ask for much which’s what makes it so simple for anybody to have a shot at a wonderful earl grey milk tea!

Let’s begin by boiling some water and steeping our fresh handful of earl grey tea leaves. When your water is at a boil, make certain to decline the warm to medium-high and also place your earl grey tea leaves right into the hot water. Let it steep for 6-8 minutes, you can also decrease the amount or raise of time for soaking relying on exactly how robust you desire the taste account to be.

Suggestion: the even more time you high it the much more taste as well as nutrients are extracted yet don’t high for as well long either! There has to be a best equilibrium. Learn the length of time to steep your tea here.

Step 2
While we await the earl grey tea leaves to high perfectly, we’ll prepare the remainder of the components in our preferred tea cup!

First we’ll add the vanilla essence right into our teacup. Relying on just how much vanilla-ness you wish to appreciate you might include 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. If you enjoy refined vanilla hints, after that make sure to use much less, maybe around 1/2 tsp of vanilla remove.

Next, we’ll include the 1/3 mug creamer. We really like utilizing almond milk for this dish as it offers it a fantastic underlying nutty flavor that is deliciously remarkable yet subtle when you focus on the taste.

Soon after we’ll add our sweetened compressed milk into the teacup too. 1-2 tbsps of this is excellent! Usage less or a lot more relying on just how wonderful you like your milk teas, we have a tendency to take place the sweeter side so we’ll use 2 tablespoons.

Step 3
By now the earl grey tea you have actually been soaking must prepare to go. While warm, include the fresh brewed as well as soaked earl grey tea into the preferred teacup you have actually prepared with the rest of the components.

Mix thoroughly until whatever is well incorporated and then we can execute the final action (if you like cinnamon). With a pinch of cinnamon, we’ll sprinkle it on top of the tasty as well as extensively blended earl grey milk tea we just prepared

Currently, take a sip and also welcome the subtle flavors momentarily. What do you assume? Let us recognize how you like it and what else we can contribute to make this earl grey milk tea even more delicious as well as gratifying.

Earl Grey Milk Tea

For this full dish, we’ll be showing you exactly how to take earl grey tea as well as make it into a fascinating milk tea. Rather of having warm milk as well as cookies throughout the vacations, have some scrumptious earl grey milk tea as well as bubble waffles!
Allow’s start by boiling some water and steeping our fresh handful of earl grey tea leaves. When your water is at a boil, be sure to transform down the warm to medium-high as well as place your earl grey tea leaves right into the hot water. Allow us know how you like it as well as what else we can include to make this earl grey milk tea even much more satisfying and also scrumptious.


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