passion fruit tea

Passion Fruit Tea. Simple recipe

This Passion Fruit Iced Tea is really yummy and refreshing with a relaxing sweet aroma from enthusiasm fruits. It is simple to make with 5 basic active ingredients and no refined-sugar. An ideal drink to beat the heat in the summertime!


Passion Fruit makes perfect summer beverages

Some of my most favorite Vietnamese summer drinks are made with passion fruits. These small fruits are widely grown in tropical regions worldwide. In Vietnam, we call them “chanh leo” or “chanh day”.

Definitely offer this passion fruit iced tea a shot if you are looking for a thirst-quenching summertime iced tea. The peaceful and sweet fragrance together with the slightly sour taste of this fruit cool me down rapidly on hot summertime days.

I confess that I’m not excellent at picking enthusiasm fruits:-RRB-. I attempt to pick ones that are purple/red and heavier than their size with wrinkles which show they are ripe.

Nevertheless, I often still run into some fruits that do not have a lot of juice/pulps inside. My service for that issue is to cut open more enthusiasm fruits until I have enough.


passion fruit tea



Passion fruit comes from the Passifloraceae family, which contains 12 genera and also over 500 varieties, widely distributed in exotic America, Asia, and Africa. Passiflora, the primary genus, has about 400 well-known species, regarding 50– 60 of which bear edible fruits, however just a couple of are of any industrial value. Several are recognized just in indigenous markets in South and also Central America and also the West Indies. Industrial production of passion fruit is based upon the purple varieties Passiflora edulis Sims as well as the yellow type Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Degener. It is still in question whether the yellow passion fruit is a mutant of the purple P. edulis or its hybrid with other varieties. These two kinds are typically called granadilla, parcha, or parchita in Spanish, maracuja in Portuguese, and lilikoi in Hawaiian.


In addition to the skin color, the purple and yellow interest fruits differ in horticultural performance and fruit homes. The purple varieties is extra resistant to chilly injury, is less acid, and also is taken into consideration remarkable in scent as well as flavor. The yellow type is faster expanding, has a better resistance to soil fungi, has more vigorous vines, births crops over longer periods, and also has a better yield of fruit and also pulp, larger fruits, as well as extra acid juice.


passion fruit tea


Making Passion Fruit Iced Tea

This Passion Fruit Iced Tea is certainly my most favorite fruit iced tea this summer season. The Vietnamese translation for this beverage is “tra chanh leo” or “tra chanh day”.

All you require to make this drink are 5 simple components:

  • green tea bags or green tea leaves
  • water
  • passion fruits
  • honey
  • ice.


You first require to brew some tea and after that add honey to sweeten it to your liking. While cooling the tea, stress the passion fruit pulps to get the passion fruit juice.

You will need to put a sieve/strainer over a bowl, then cut open enthusiasm fruits, scoop out the pulp onto the strainer. Use the back of a spoon to press and extract the juice.

Once the tea is cool, include the passion fruit juice and a lot of ice, mix which’s it. The revitalizing and yummy passion fruit iced tea is ready to be served!

The seeds of passion fruits are edible however we do not require them in the tea. I include some seeds to the tea just for garnishing functions. A sprig of mints will likewise make your glass of iced tea look more charming.


passion fruit tea



  • Step 1.
    Add 3 tea bags to 2 1/4 cups of warm water at 175F. Brew for 3-4 minutes or to preferred strength. Discard tea bags, add honey and stir. Reserve to cool or chill in the fridge
  • Step 2.
    Cut open passion fruits, scoop out the pulps and strain to get rid of the seeds. Use the back of a spoon to assist draw out the passion fruit juice. We need about 1/2 cup of passion fruit juice.
  • Step 3.
    Add passion fruit juice to the tea and stir to combine. You can serve immediately by adding ice to serving glasses and put the passion fruit tea into each glass.

passion fruit tea


This Passion Fruit Iced Tea is rejuvenating and very delicious with a relaxing sweet fragrance from enthusiasm fruits. Some of my most preferred Vietnamese summer beverages are made with passion fruits. The seeds of enthusiasm fruits are edible however we don’t need them in the tea. Use the back of a spoon to assist extract the passion fruit juice. We require about 1/2 cup of passion fruit juice.

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